UCCS Marketing Club connects students with experience, networking

     In the age of social media and hyper-fast information delivery, marketing and advertising are more competitive fields than ever before. The rapidly evolving environment creates an arms race to get your product or service out to consumers.  

     UCCS Marketing Club is a student-led response to the growing field. They hope to expose members to as much material as possible to give them a leg up on the competition. 

     The marketing club seeks to recruit not only business and accounting students, but anyone interested in learning about the nitty-gritty of market research.  

     Marketing is a field of research that falls under the umbrella of business. It primarily serves to connect the consumer to the producer through advertisements, brands and other information relevant to either party. The marketing club wants to give its members training in the field through the power of example.  

     “We’re striving to expose UCCS students to marketing agencies in Colorado Springs. [We] will reach out to [the agencies] around town and ask if they’re willing to host us or come in and talk to us about what they do, and [their marketing techniques],” said marketing club President Jaelyn Harry.  

UCCS Marketing Club President Jaelyn Harry. Photo by Lillian Davis. 

     The mission of the club is to bring students to the forefront of the marketing field by introducing them to marketing firms and getting a survey of their techniques and strategies. The content of the events vary based on the company hosting the club, but the idea is the same.  

     “With our first event, they had free food and provided us with the opportunity to take professional headshots for free, and they even prepared a presentation for us. The last event we went to [was different]. We sat down and they told us a little bit about what they do, and then we asked questions. It was more [akin to] a conversation-like setting,” Harry said.  

     The club is built differently than most other organizations, rarely holding regular meetings and instead only coming together when there is a specific activity being hosted, such as traveling to a marketing agency in town.  

     “What we do is we introduce the event, talk about the company and then introduce other events we might be having in the future, always refreshing people’s point of contact and telling them to reach out [and make contacts],” Harry said.  

     Even though the club recommends a background in marketing or business, any students interested are allowed to participate in the events.  

     “If you have any interest in marketing or are just curious, come by and check it out. You can [always improve] your networking,” Harry said.  

     The marketing club also posts updates and content on their social media pages. Their Instagram page is updated with event information and photos of past events.  

     To learn more about the club, visit their Mountain Lion Connect page here. You can also visit their official webpage here.