UCCS Radio looks to expand stream on campus and expand shows

September 05, 2016

Halle Thornton

[email protected]

     While the overwhelming number of new students can be difficult to handle across departments, UCCS Radio is one department is looking forward to the new wave of incoming freshman and transfer students. An updated show schedule is not yet available.

     The station is looking forward to streaming at Sanatorium Grounds and the Dwire coffee shop, with hopes to eventually play in Columbine, University Hall and Alpine Village.

     Station manager and junior business major Kyle Boyle received several emails from freshmen interested in hosting their own radio stations.

     “You need absolutely zero experience. Anyone interested is more than welcome to join,” said Boyle.

     Boyle has been actively engaged in radio since high school, where he started his own online station.

     During his freshmen year, Boyle became a volunteer DJ, and in the spring of 2015, became the station manager.

     Boyle said that the freshmen interested in joining will start off hosting one show per week. Their shows will run for one hour and from there can gain more radio time when both Boyle and the students feel it is appropriate.

     Junior business administration major Nick Fallentine is excited to be streaming in more places across campus this semester.

     Fallentine expressed an interest in radio while in high school. He joined UCCS Radio in the fall of 2014 after hearing about it from a friend and her brother.

     Fallentine cohosted “‘80s with Nick and Jenn” with Jennifer Scoville for one semester, an indie talk show called “DIScovery” on his own for one semester and in the spring of 2015, he brought Erynn Mitchell in to cohost.

     “The show exposes people to music they haven’t heard before,” said Fallentine.

     The show aired in the evenings last semester, but Fallentine hopes to get a slot this fall.

     As for the infl ux of freshmen interested in joining the station, new students might be seeking the radio to be more informed, according to Fallentine.

     “They are probably seeking out the radio on their own because not a lot of people know that we have a radio station,” said Fallentine.

     Fallentine said that UCCS Radio has been working hard to expand their listener base, and will be heard in coffee shops this semester, although the date of expansion has yet to be determined.