UCCS recruits new athletes, prepares for next season

May 09, 2017

Gabbie Matl

[email protected]

     Every student at UCCS will begin new classes in the fall once the summer semester comes to a close, but some incoming freshman and transfer students will begin athletics at a new school along with their coursework.

     As the Athletic Department expands, UCCS continues to draw athletes from out of state and out of the country, with some athletes travelling from as far as Italy.

     The recruiting class for this school year includes 63 new athletes on nearly every sports team at UCCS.

     UCCS welcomes the following new members in these programs:

Women’s Soccer

Tarah Patterson, Madison Tominello, Hanna Parado, Chanisse Hendrix, Bailie Zuber, Tori Maydew, Kelsey Lanham, Ella Fischer, Alexandra Samuels, Julia Gonzales and Emily Feller Volleyball Keilani Hiller, Josie Russell, Jordyn Kinsey and Hagan Marozas


Sierra Batchelor, Saleen Quinonez, Kelly Kukla, Katherine Larson and Cami Duffey

Women’s Track and Field

Kallaway Wood, Alexis Carroll, Britney Robertson, Michaela Moore, Kayla Zink, Elinor Enderle, Hannah Meek, Celia Smith, CeAnn Udovich, Lauren Stanford, Alexis LaLiberte, Heidi Beier, Sierra Suazo and Nicole Morpurgo

Women’s Lacrosse

Margeaux Adam, Emma Becker, Sydney Malcolm, Morgan Miller, Mallory Corrigan, Kiera Lowe, Helen Krause and Samantha MacAffer

Women’s Basketball

Tatum Telllin


Walker Rumsey, Gavin Kinney, Matai Bala, Henry Ryan, Hayden Salverda and Dagin Renck

Men’s Basketball

Isaiah Wilson, Ethan Powell and Noah Stewart

Men’s Track and Field

Sergio Cedano, Cody Harris, Colton Homuth, AJ Thompson, Evan Irish, John Douglas, Jaydon Lewis, Ricardo Colas, Kweshaan Thomas, Dawson Hopkinson, Ben Newson and Cameron Wright