Volunteer your time, opportunities for students

May 09, 2017

Audrey Jensen

[email protected]

     Among your busy class schedule, part or full-time job and social life, it may not seem like you have any extra time to give.

     But volunteering for a cause you care about, or learning about what other people are volunteering for can be beneficial.

     Students who are part of different organizations on campus are given the opportunity to volunteer for many different causes, but you don’t have to limit this to being involved with a club or college at UCCS.

     On Mountain Lion Connect, students can click on the Service Opportunities tab to find several different volunteer options to sign up for.

     The Office of Sustainability website provides information for several organizations including Volunteer Match, Citizen Match, the Catamount Institute and The Kami Project.

     UCCS students can register with the Volunteer Information Network and Community Exchange to match their skills with a community organization that is looking for volunteers.

     The Career Center is also available to students to ask for volunteer opportunities.

     Students can also sign up for Clyde’s Career to stay on top of job, internship and volunteer opportunities for experience in their field of choice or just to help out around the Colorado Springs community.

     Multiple emails are also sent out to students throughout each semester to let them know about chances to volunteer for different events.

     If you do decide to join a club, organization or department on campus, some groups host and participate in their own volunteer events, such as Greek Life, or the Beth-El Student Nurse Association who brought donated Build-A-Bear bears to children in different local hospitals.

     Another website students can use for volunteer opportunities is volunteermatch.org.