Updates on Student Government Association senate approvals, budget

February 21, 2017

Hannah Harvey

[email protected]

Feb. 2

Senate Bills

     SB-14: Colleges Against Cancer Chemo Bags was motioned to table indefinitely

     SB-15: Global Brigades was motioned to move into discussion. The bill was passed with a 5-4 vote in the senate with one senator choosing to abstain.

Budget Advisory Committee Recommendations

The Outdoors Club – received $1,815.95

Graduate Student Association – received $140.50

Men’s Club Volleyball – received $1,277.09

Swim Club – received $370

     A recommendation to approve an increase from $150 to $160 to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers was approved.

Feb. 9

Senate Bills

     SB-19: Mobile Charging Stations – SB 22 was motioned to strike by senator-at-large Connor Price. The bills were approved by unanimous consent.

     SB-16: Futuristic Cities PlanCOS was motioned to vote. The bill passed the senate 10-2 with two senators recusing their vote. The bill concerned the event Futuristic Cities, which took place on Feb. 16.

     SB-17: Sky Sox Bill was motioned to table until after SB-18: Pikes Peak Makerspace. The motion to table the bill was approved by unanimous consent. The bill itself was vetoed 10-2 by the senate, ultimately failing to pass.

     SB-18: Pikes Peak Makerspace was motioned to move into discussion. The bill was passed.

Budget Advisory Committee Recommendations

Health Occupation Students of America – received $1,218

Christian Challenge – received $2,000

Turning Point USA – received $1,050

     A total of $14,516.95, including $9,131.32 and $538.63, was approved for the clubs

ACC Recommendations

     Naomi Hayner was appointed as senator of Education. Jordan Coffman was appointed as justice. Kennedy Watson was appointed as a senator-at-large.

     The BAC has approved $38,379.84 this semester so far. According to the Jan. 26 senate minutes, $8.922.08 is left for Events and $13,626.41 is left for travel.