US News ranks Colorado Springs No. 2 in nation

May 1, 2018

Isaiah Cordova

[email protected]

“Colorado Springs might not jump off the map as an economic or cultural hub the way larger metro areas like Denver do. But in a quieter, gentler way, Colorado Springs has much to offer.”

That is how U.S. News & World Report writer Peter Fecteau described the city of Colorado Springs in their annual ranking of best places to live. The Springs fell No. 2 in the 125-city list with an overall score of 7.6, one-tenth of a point behind Austin, Texas
and one-tenth of a point ahead of Denver.

The score is calculated through a method which is outlined on the U.S. News website. In short, statistics regarding the job market, property value, quality of life, desirability, the rate at which people move in and out are compiled and placed onto a 10-point scale to accurately and equally rank all 125 places U.S. News covered.

Citing the area’s housing value, weather and climate, commute time, demographics, among other things, U.S. News stated that each of the factors led to the decision that
Colorado Springs was the second-best place to live in the U.S. in 2018.

“Colorado Springs attracts students, professionals and military personnel to the area with a cache of military bases and nationally ranked colleges,” Fecteau writes.

One downside to living in Colorado Springs, according to U.S. News, is the housing
prices, which lie $33,000 higher than the national average.

The average commute in Colorado Springs is 3.4 minutes less than the national average, and a lower crime rate than similarly sized cities in the U.S.

Other factors considered were education, the job market, and recreational opportunities in the area.