Women’s club soccer encourages competition, friendships, looks to recruit members

September 19, 2017

Bryanna Winner

[email protected]

    Cheering on your favorite athletic team can make you feel like you’re a part of a community. At UCCS, the same goes for joining a club or intramural sport.

    Club and intramural sports are a great way to meet new people and get to play the sport that students love, according to Ashley Benson, president of the women’s club soccer team.

    “Club sports are a great way to meet people, especially as a freshman,” said Benson. “You can meet people with the same major, with different majors. It also keeps you in shape, and you can play the sport that you love and it stays fun.”

    “Once you join a club on campus, sports or otherwise, you are beginning to grow those friendships. Club are awesome at just getting people together that normally wouldn’t meet each other.”

    Currently, there are 25 members on the women’s club soccer team. According to Benson, her club sport meets twice a week for 90-minute practices and meetings with the other club sports teams.

    “We still have room for a couple more people and our practices are always open,” she said.

    “That’s the good thing about club, although I cut some girls, they are always welcome to practice. We will not turn anyone away.”

    Being a part of a club sport not only gives students the power, but also can shape a person’s experience with that sport. Benson said that she has had to hire coaches, conduct interviews and manage a full team, which has helped her grow as a leader.

    “It’s given me that management and leadership experience having to do all the paperwork and making sure that the girls are filling these out. Just learning how to lead is one of the most beneficial parts.”

    The students in the clubs organize and host games with other teams from other colleges and universities, according to Benson. Teams like women’s club soccer play club teams from CU Boulder, Colorado College, Regis University and other campuses.

    “The setting is more relaxed and more focused on everyone enjoying it,” said Benson.

    On Sept. 9, the team beat Colorado School of Mines by a score of 3-1 and on Sept. 10, they lost to Boulder A team 5-0.

    The team will have their next game Oct. 8 against CSU Fort Collins at noon on the Alpine Field.

    For those interested in women’s club soccer, contact Ashley Benson at [email protected]