You See CS: Adam’s Mountain Café: locally sourced with a global view

27 November 2018

Edna E. Newey

[email protected]

A common trend in Colorado Springs establishments are rustic atmospheres and small batch comfort foods. Adam’s Mountain Café continues that trend into Manitou Springs in a way that brings global foods to the individual while investing in the community by sourcing as much as they can locally. Adam’s is a unique and delicious option for those who are wanting to try something new while still feeling at home.

Adam’s has been a presence in Manitou Springs since 1985 and relocated to 26 Manitou Ave in early 2010. What makes Adam’s unique is that all of their menu items are either vegan or vegetarian based. While that might make some turn up their nose, most, if not all dishes can have chicken, salmon or turkey added on. The restaurant also offers an extensive and delicious variety of breakfast options.

Adam’s also offers a unique and vast variety of cocktails and wines for those who like to have a drink with their dinner.

One example of the global oriented menu is the Huevos Rancheros. The spice in the vegan green chili is  balanced with the vegetarian refried beans, sour cream, lime juice, avocado and fried egg. Paired with rooibos tea, this plates makes for a wonderful start to the day.

A more traditional breakfast food is revamped with the Orange Almond French Toast. It has a lovely crunch from not only the almonds that top it, but also from the dense whole grain bread with sunflower seeds. This could pair nicely with spiced drinks, like a chai tea.

If given the option to share or split, it should be done. The heavy richness of Rancheros is nicely balanced by the flowery light french toast.

Aside from breakfast and brunch, dinner at Adam’s should equally be experienced. Sharing multiple dishes between friends would be the best way to try so many delicious items. Breakfast here is an energizing and fresh experience, but dinner creates an entirely different atmosphere.

By going from the motivating environment of breakfast and lunch, to a mellow and welcoming restaurant to sip on a cocktail, Adam’s proves the diversity of their offerings during different times of day. They also do this through their dinner menu. Their pasta dishes, for example, are no walk in the park. They offer a delicious macaroni and cheese with baked chicken, and their creamy vegan pasta with pistachio pesto has no comparison.

Pistachio pesto may sound eclectic, but it’s lovely and fresh taste brings out the acidity of the onions and tomatoes. The macaroni and cheese reminds the guest of the kind that would pop out from the oven of a nice grandma that wears an apron and sets the hot casserole dish on a gingham tablecloth.

There is a certain kind of restaurant that brings in tourists and locals alike. The centrality of Adam’s location means that it’s an easy stop for the adventurer on their way to Pikes Peak or the cliff dwellings. The reasonable pricing and quality combines to make Adam’s a special stop for anyone who finds their way to Manitou.