You See CS: Award-winning Saigon Cafe offers Vietnamese food in COS

     The award-winning Saigon Cafe, located on East Colorado Avenue, is attempting to bring Vietnamese market-fresh specialties to Colorado Springs. They offer a variety vegetables, meats and vegetables all at prices that range between $11 to $21.  

     Saigon Cafe has been deemed the Vietnamese restaurant in the Springs with the most awards for their delicious cuisine and quick service. They have won the “Best Of” award for Vietnamese food in Colorado Springs every year from Independent, who say that this cafe stands out from the competition and chain restaurants because they offer authentic flavors and a friendly cultural experience. 

     Restaurant-goers often rave about the presentation of the meals along with the cozy atmosphere that the warm interior lighting provides. Their 4.4 out of 5 star rating on Google reflects their popularity: “clean facility, friendly staff, quick service and tasty food,” according to one reviewer.  

     The most popular menu item, according to the staff, is the  Beef Pho ($12.50) which is a traditional Vietnamese dish served over rice noodles. The kitchen provides fresh cilantro, bean sprouts and basil to balance the flavors. 

     Their lunch and dinner menus seem relatively similar, but the portions in the evening are larger and have a small upcharge. For example, the chicken curry (Cari Gà) priced at $12.50 during lunch is  $17 for dinner. 

     With an extensive menu from Beef Short Ribs (Com Suon Nuong), Wonton Soup (Hoành Thánh Súp), Lo Mein (Mì Xào Mêm) Shrimp Fried Rice (Com Chiên Tôm) and much more, there is bound to be something special for everyone. 

      The chicken curry also comes with sauce, onions, potatoes and steamed rice. Additionally, the chefs pride themselves in being vegan-friendly so as not to exclude anyone from the dining experience. 

     Saigon Cafe is located in downtown Colorado Springs at 20 E. Colorado Avenue. The restaurant closes on Sunday and opens at 11 a.m. every other day. For those fond of Vietnamese food or those new to cooking, this might be the place for university students looking for a light lunch or hearty dinner with friends. 

Saigon Cafe is a bustling cafe that serves authentic Vietnamese foods and beverages. Photo by Meghan Germain.