You See CS: Lost Island ideal family, not for college students

Zachary Engelman 

[email protected] 

27 August 2019

     Sporting a dinosaur-adventure style theme, Lost Island is a blast. A great mini-golf course is just the beginning though! The scenery is comical and interesting, they have a small but exciting go-kart track and an inflatable playground. The problem is that this place is not really ideal for anyone who does not have kids. 

     Lost Island could be a great place to go if you need to find a place to kill a few hours while babysitting. The atmosphere is best described as family-friendly, so if you were looking for something fun to do with your other college buddies on a Friday afternoon, you might want to look elsewhere.  

     Even the go-kart track, usually a hit with the college-age people, is a little small and family-oriented compared to competition in the area.  

     That being said, this place is a lot of fun for a pretty affordable price. You can play a few rounds without breaking the bank or spending all day there. 

     They are also looking to foster a tournament scene and encourage people to inquire with an employee about how to sign up.  

     The golf course itself has a good balance of difficult shots and easy puts that keep everyone engaged with the experience. The balls and clubs are sturdy and clean, a rarity in the world of put-put.  

     Factors like this elevate the experience beyond what is normally expected from this kind of entertainment.  

     Lost Island is Colorado-owned and operated. This gives it a friendly feeling that is a characteristic of small businesses in particular. You can go here and know that your money is feeding directly back into your local economy. There is something wholesome about knowing you are supporting the community in which you live. 

     One downside to the action-packed amusement park is its location. It is near Dublin and Academy, which is pretty close to UCCS, but it remains pretty isolated from a lot of food options. Make sure to have food planned out before you decide to choose this for your next adventure.  

     The location is also outfitted with party rooms and other amenities that can accommodate  larger groups, so suggest this place next time your employer is looking for a fun place to do a team-building exercise or employee party. The place is practically built for groups like that.  

     If you’re looking to try something new with your family in Colorado Springs, Lost Island could be just what you need.