You See CS: The Cog Railway is back

Abigail Aldinger 

[email protected] 

     The Broadmoor Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway is open for business. In May, the railway reopened after a three-year renovation period that involved the construction of new tracks, new cars and better riding conditions. 

     Close to $100 million has been invested in updating the Cog, and recent months have revealed these investments to be fruitful, with hundreds of visitors coming in and out of the doors each day. 

     The ride to the top of Pikes Peak is about an hour long, and costs between $48 to $68. Common attractions along the ride include the Pikes Peak Summit House — which serves donuts and coffee to guests — in addition to famous Colorado landmarks like Diamond Rock and Son of a Gun Hill. 

     The Broadmoor Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway is one of only a few cog railways in the United States. This makes it the perfect way to view the beautiful mountains of Pikes Peak in all their glory, in addition to the native Colorado wildlife. 

     While riding the train, visitors may find yellow-bellied marmots crawling through the rocks and boulders along the tracks, in addition to elk, deer and Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep. 

     Those who choose to hike or bike their way up to the summit of Pikes Peak also have the option to take the train back down, allowing for a more immersive experience without the trouble of travelling manually both ways. 

     Visitors at the Cog say that the views from the top of Pikes Peak are unimaginable, with sights looking straight down onto the city of Colorado Springs and beyond. 

     Students interested in Colorado wildlife and the mountains should consider riding the Cog Railway this September and October, as warm fall colors will emerge along the route in the coming weeks. 

     According to Cog employees, precautions are being taken to avoid the spread of COVID-19, including the requirement of masks. 

     Tickets for the Cog can be purchased here, and information about the Summit House and other nearby landmarks can be found here.  

The Cog Railway in Manitou Springs. Photo by Kate Marlett.