Clyde’s Cupboard offers fresh food on Fridays

17 September 2019

Sarah McMillan

[email protected]

The Office of Student Life is aware that not all students can afford groceries every week, and the on-campus food pantry located in the Student Life Lounge, Clyde’s Cupboard, expanded their offerings to include fresh food as well as their standard nonperishables.

Clyde’s Cupboard, which started as a student club in 2013, helps students gain access to needed food. The office of the Dean of Students offered support and funds for the service after participation in the program expanded.

Ray Frisco, the prevention and outreach manager for the Dean of Students Office and the advisory board for Clyde’s Cupboard decided to expand the services that the cupboard could assist with last April. Fresh Food Fridays offers fresh produce including fruits, vegetables and certain dairy products once a month.

“Overall the cupboard is trying to prevent hunger from being a barrier in our students’ education so this was a natural progression to the services that the pantry can offer to the students at UCCS,” said Carlie Snethen, a graduate assistant for the Office of the Dean of Students, via email.

The refrigerator that made Fresh Food Fridays possible was funded by the Green Action Fund, a UCCS project that helps the campus reduce its ecological footprint through a $5 student fee every semester.

The Clyde’s Cupboard team goes grocery shopping on the Thursdays before Clyde’s Cupboard does Fresh Food Fridays, and employees in the Student Life Lounge can help students access the pantry if any food is left over.

The grocery list often includes apples, berries, onions and other fruits and vegetables. Clyde’s Cupboard’s advisory board is currently working on creating a website that students can visit for more information regarding the pantry and Fresh Food Fridays. The team is also looking into the continuous use of reusable bags offered at the cupboard.

Students can become involved with Clyde’s Cupboard, and Fresh Food Fridays, by signing up to volunteer at the Student Life Lounge’s front desk