Colorado ballot measure results

Joy Webb

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Editor’s Note: All updates are as of Nov. 13 at 1 p.m. 

     The Colorado election included 11 ballot measures that we were able to vote on. Three are still in progress while all but one, Proposition 115, passed.  

     Here are the results, the percentage of yes/no votes, a brief explanation of the measure and the total number of votes cast on each measure: 

Amendment B: Passed 

Repeal statewide standard for property assessment 

     Yes: Let the legislature set tax rates (57.4%) 

     No: Keep rates fixed in state law (42.6%) 

     Total: 2,957,347 votes 

Amendment C: In Progress 

Reduce requirements for charitable gambling 

     Yes: Expand charitable gaming (52.2%) 

     No: Keep existing requirements (47.8%) 

     Total: 2,959,458 votes 

Amendment 76: Passed 

Revise language on voting requirements  

     Yes: Slightly revise voting eligibility (63%)  

     No: Maintain current rules (37%) 

     Total: 3,079,507 votes 

Amendment 77: Passed 

Allows certain areas to expand gambling  

     Yes: Allow more local control of gaming (60.3%) 

     No: Keep current limits (39.7%) 

     Total: 2,989,578 votes 

Proposition EE: Passed 

Create new tax on nicotine products 

     Yes: Create the tax (67.6%) 

     No: Do not enact the tax (32.4%) 

     Total: 3,082,909 votes 

Proposition 113: Passed 

Join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact 

     Yes: Join the Compact (52.2%) 

     No: Do not join the agreement (47.8%) 

     Total: 3,067,496 votes 

Proposition 114In Progress 

Reintroduce gray wolves on public lands 

     Yes: Support the reintroduction (50.6%) 

     No: Do not re-introduce the wolves (49.4%) 

     Total: 3,047,330 votes 

Proposition 115: Did Not Pass 

Ban abortion after 22 weeks 

     Yes: Enact the prohibition (41.1%) 

     No: Maintain current law (58.9%)  

     Total: 3,074,546 votes 

Proposition 116: Passed  

Reduce state income tax in 2020 

     Yes: Decrease state income tax (57.7%) 

     No: Keep the existing tax rate (42.3%) 

     Total: 3,071,830 votes 

Proposition 117In Progress 

Change voter approval for qualified state enterprises 

     Yes: Require voter approvals (52.6%) 

     No: Do not restrict new enterprises (47.4%) 

     Total: 2,923,286 votes 

Proposition 118: Passed 

Establish paid family and medical leave 

     Yes: Establish the leave program (57.4%) 

     No: Do not create this program (42.6%)  

     Total: 3,048,903 votes 

     For updated voting information, click here. 

A 'vote here' sign pointing towards the Ent center for the arts.
Photo by Zach Robbins.