Cosmic weather forecast: 2021 Scorpio season

Cosmic Cannibal  

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     Ah, Scorpio, the sign of Drake, Adam Driver, Lorde and about half of the Kardashian/Jenner clan (Kendall, Kris and Kourtney), it’s your time in the sun. 

     Libra season was lit, but it was high time to wave goodbye to the sunny optimism of the Scales and embrace the sinister sting of the Scorpion. Scorpio season, which runs from Oct. 23 through Nov. 20, heightens our spirituality and interest in all things weird and dark.  

     It isn’t a coincidence that Halloween falls under the Scorpion’s rule. This water sign is obsessed with the taboo topics of life: death, magic, ghosts and the monsters we’ve locked in our mental closets.  

     Beyond all that, Scorpio season deepens our awareness of the world that lies beyond and brings us opportunities to sharpen our wits and strengthen our wills.  

     But in true Scorpio fashion, this season has minimal action and maximum intensity.  

     Here’s your cosmic weather forecast for the 2021 Scorpio season. 

     On Oct. 30, Mars entered Scorpio. The planet is at home in the fixed water sign, because it rules the fixed water sign. All those Mars-ruled areas of life — passion, power, self-assertion, physical energy and will power — will flow with ease. But this is by no means an easy transit.  

     In Scorpio, Mars works through and stirs up the emotions, so life might feel more turbulent than it did during Libra season. So long as you target your emotional energy on constructive pursuits (i.e., studying), you’ll do fine.  

     If you’re an earth or water sign, this transit is especially beneficial. You feel emotionally motivated to move your body and to set and pursue your goals. For fire and air signs, Mars in Scorpio can add a layer of emotional intensity, which may feel overwhelming. 

     The Scorpio New Moon on the 4th is, in a word, intense. Both the Sun and Moon are agitated by Uranus, the planet of upheavals and the unexpected. While New Moons are great for setting intentions, just about anything can happen when Uranus is in the planetary mix. So, prep for the unexpected. This is easier said than done.  

     With both the New Moon and Uranus in fixed signs, rigidity and obstinacy can make surrender and flexibility near impossible. Plus, Mars and Saturn make a loose, tense aspect, which adds another twinge of frustration.  

     Still, there’s hope: A soft sextile between Mercury in Libra and Venus in Sagittarius mitigates any serious struggles; our thoughts and words lend themselves to our values and affections.  

     Speaking of Mercury and Venus … the two personal planets change signs on Nov. 5. Mercury, the planet of communication, enters Scorpio and Venus, the planet of love and money, enters ambitious Capricorn. Mercury in Scorpio sends intuition spiking.  

     With focused concentration, we can tackle any and every research project and are especially captivated by the unknown. There’s also an increased interest in mysteries, thrillers or true crime.  

     Venus in Capricorn sees us conserving our resources and seeking out serious commitment. In love, if someone is organized or in some way older than us, they hold massive appeal. If you’re in a relationship, Venus in Capricorn sees you and your partner working on your limits and setting goals (or setting the date).   

     Right near the tail-end of Scorpio season, eclipse season begins. That’s right: The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on Nov. 19 marks the beginning of another emotionally turbulent four or so weeks. This means manifestation and intention-setting are a no-no. (Why? There’s too much unstable energy!) Instead, reflect and release.  

     Venus and Mars share a quick smooch in this sky. This, partnered with a Venus trine and Mars square to Uranus, make romantic themes a primary concern. Rather than dump your long-time beau, though, try to talk things out and see if problems can be reconciled.  

     The loose square between Mars and Jupiter gives energy and a smidge of optimism, both of which will need to transition out of Scorpio season.