Staff Picks: Bond … James Bond

Annika Schmidt 

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   “James Bond will return.” The recurring title card at the end of each 007 film has once again made a showing after Daniel Craig’s fifth and final time as Bond on the big screen.  

     The Scribe staff were asked which actor they would most like to see assume the renowned role. Here’s what they said. 

Cambrea Schrank | Co-Editor-in-Chief 

Rege-Jean Page 

Annika Schmidt | Co-Editor-in-Chief 

John Boyega has what it takes — he’s English, an appropriate age and attractive! 

Julia Jackson | Managing Editor 

Michael Cera 

Taylor Burnfield | Website Manager 


Kristen Brainard | Social Media Manager 

Tom Hardy or Mark Wahlberg. Vince Vaughn would be a funny James Bond though! 

Brianna Beassie-Weil | Copy Editor 

 I think my top picks would be Tom Hiddleston, Sam Claflin, Jensen Ackles, Sam Heughan, Dan Stevens, or Luke Evans…I honestly can’t decide though! They’re all suave, handsome, and extremely talented. 

Caitlyn Dieckmann | News Editor  

 Elba … Idris Elba 

Jade Ellis | Opinion and Life on the Bluffs Editor 

Timothée Chalamet 

Devon Martinez | Sports Editor 

Tom Brady 

Camille Liptak | Podcast Editor 

I know Tom Hiddleston has been a favorite for the next James Bond, and I think he could make a great one, but I would like to see someone different take over the role. Idris Elba would be my pick. He’s debonair, he’s British, and man, is he attractive. 

Tom Baker | Reporter 

Sacha Baron Cohen 

Paul Czarnecki | Reporter 

James Bond had two defining characteristics: he’s British, and he’s handsome. So, I believe the best pick to replace the almighty James Bond is the even mightier Ed Sheeran! 

Michael Foley | Artist 

Jack Black 

Kate Marlett | Reporter 

Henry Cavill 

Megan Moen | Photographer  

Ariana Grande 

Fiona O’Dowd | Reporter 

Nathan Fielder — because of the way he is. 

Luci Schwarz | Reporter 

Morgan Freeman, obviously 

Artwork by Nicholaas Hallisey