Staff thoughts on Student Press Freedom Day

Scribe Staff

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What does student media mean to you?

Growing as a journalist and holding the university accountable without prejudice

Student media serves as a stable and empowering platform for me to use my voice!

Student media is a megaphone used to amplify student voices

Student media means giving students a platform for their voice!

To me, student media is personal and reflective of the social and academic community at UCCS.

Student media has granted me opportunity of having a voice and the freedom to speak on current and relevant topics, as well as issues that impact students not just in our campus, but nationally. I am allowed to have an opinion that matters.

Student media means truth. Through student media at The Scribe, we have been able to expose the truth and elevate student voices. Student media means demanding to be heard and seen. Student media means freedom.

Why is student media important?

Student media is the backbone of generational truth. The ability to have an uncensored voice that is coming directly from students is powerful. This liberty allows for student journalists to elevate minority voices and allow for everyone to be heard. Student media is important to me, because it means that students are informing each other about topics that need to be discussed, which in turn creates dialogue around topics that might otherwise be ignored. The Freedom of Speech is epitomized through student media. Without student media, student’s voices could be silenced.

Aside from the liberty to speak on what is important, student media is a chance for student journalists to engage with the campus and community in a unique way. It is also a way for students and other members of the community to hear the perspectives and opinions of students.

Holds people accountable and gives opportunity

Student media is important because it’s a representation of one of the biggest social demographics. It allows that demographic to maintain continuous and consistent communication with the world around them.

 Student media is important because it offers different perspectives unique to the public forum. College campuses are hot spots for discussion and learning, with thousands of students participating. Student media is an opportunity for these students to chronicle their discoveries. Without student media, a whole demographic’s viewpoints and opinions would be slighted.

It is our right as students of a university to cover the truth, keep an eye on our institution and provide information for our community.

Student media is important as it demonstrates reality on campus from the point of view that it is meant to serve. Without student media, issues would go unnoticed, and the student body would be voiceless about their own achievements, triumphs, and opinions.

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