Fashion trends around campus

2 April 2019

Fash Ion

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    This winter, 2019 fashion trends spotted across campus are all of convenience and comfort.

    If it does not slide on within the ten minute mark before you have to be on your way to school, or if you cannot sleep in it the night before and wake up in it the morning before class, only to wear it to class, then it will likely not be found in the closet of a UCCS student.

    Style is comfort and comfort is style for individuals on campus.

    This trend of convenience and comfort is inspired by dad’s effortless look on his day off: white sneakers, gray sweatpants and an outdated band t-shirt.  

    Timothy Sweahts, a sophomore majoring in mathematics, thinks there is no student on campus that does not rock a pair of sweatpants at least twice a week on campus.

    “If a student doesn’t have a pair of sweatpants for every day of the week, are they even a student?” Sweahts said while wearing a pair of gray sweatpants he purchased from His Roommate’s Closet.

    Elora Smithface is a senior majoring in mechanical engineering and shares that if you are a girl and not wearing a pair of over-washed black leggings at least once a week during the extent of your school career while simultaneously balancing glamorous Sephmorof makeup on your face, “then you shouldn’t even be caught walking on campus.”

    Smithface bats her wind catching eyelashes and says that the balance between “giving clowns a run for their money” and “being able to go for a jog later” is a trend on campus that is “effortless, convenient and comfortable fun.”

    She also adds that by wearing the simple outfit of leggings and a t-shirt, it provides her with more time to replicate a makeup tutorial in the morning. Sharing that if her outfit was not as effortless, then she would not have the time to “beat” her face.

    On the more Coloradan, outdoorsy, student side of things, layers of Patagoniac attire is a must for the 2019 season transformation from winter to spring.

    Colorado Springs’ weather is unpredictable, and for those individuals on campus layering Patagoniac, attire is everything.

    At dawn it might be raining, so a Patagoniac hat to protect your hair from getting wet is important, in addition to a light, Patagoniac waterproof jacket to protect your Patagoniac sweater, which is protecting your Patagoniac printed t-shirt.

    This is a go-to trend for Matfew Hatheway.

    Hatheway is a junior majoring in business and is the president of It’s All About the Climb Club at UCCS.

    He said, “luckily my Patagoniac backpack carries a Patagoniac puffer coat and Patagoniac beanie, for when it’s a blizzard by noon.”

    It is certainly a trend popular with individuals at UCCS on the hunt for comfort and adaptability in their wardrobe.

    Hatheway prefers to purchase all of his gear from the Patagoniac’s website, because his studies take up any free time he has, so there is rarely an effort made to go to shopping centers around town.

    A final trend on campus that should not go unnoticed is sneakers, sneakers, sneakers, the occasional snow boot and more sneakers.

    As a result of the university being built on the side of a hill, walking around campus could be the equivalency of summiting Mount Wycheproof (the smallest mountain in the world according to Google).

    Comfy athletic footwear is a must to the UCCS student jogging, hiking or crawling up “the endless flight of stairs leading up to the Engineer Building.” Hatheway ran out of breath just talking about it.

    For winter 2019, the major trends involve adaptability, comfort and convenience to students across campus. Who knows what spring of 2019 or winter 2.0 has in store for trends across campus?

    All that is known is that across campus, sweats, over-washed leggings and Patagoniac gear are far from falling out of trend anytime soon for the students at UCCS.