Happy April Fools, from the the Scribble and the Scribe

2 April 2019

Scribe editors

[email protected]

Thanks for bearing with us for another year of the Scribble.

We have been looking forward to the absurd level of tomfoolery that our alternate ego allows the whole year.

We hope you enjoy reading our absurd visions of satire as much as we enjoyed writing them, and we hope that the student body was still able to get their fi ll of news from the articles we selected to actually report on this week.

To help differentiate between the satirical and the serious, we gave our staff members aliases for our satirical stories this week.

Coming up with fake names was almost as fun as the stories themselves.


• Travis Boren as Marge Arita

• Christina Cleveland as Lyne Bakker

• Evan Webb as Thom Daily

• Cambrea Hall as Hy Dration

• Israel Wheatley as Sue Flay

• Valeria Rodriguez as Fash Ion

• Derek Lee as Action Jackson

• Brianna Kraemer as Scarlet Oak

• Logan Davel as Tabula Rasa

• Zachary Engelman as Shake Spear

• Taylor Burnfi eld as Jean Splice

• Alyssa Strong as Rasa Sordidum

• Suzanne Seyfi as Paige Turner

Thanks again for reading our nonsense this week.

As always, if you have thoughts on what we wrote this week, real or fake, please drop us an email at [email protected] or even just stop by our office in the University Center.