Photospread: significant women

The Scribe’s photographers took portraits of the significant women in their lives and wrote a little bit about them:

Zach Robbins

[email protected]

This is my girlfriend, Bria Duvall. She is a senior and sport management major at UCCS. We’ve been dating for almost two years now and she’s one of the two most important women in my life. In addition to having as much of a passion for sports as I do, she’s kindhearted, smart, and resilient and anyone would be lucky to know her. 

This is my mom, Stephanie Robbins. She currently works as a hospice nurse back home in Olympia, WA. She’s strong-willed, positive, and courageous and has always been supportive of my goals. I would consider her one of the friendliest people I know, a truly incredible mother, and In wouldn’t trade her for the world. 

Lauren Rock

[email protected]

Women’s History Month is a perfect way to celebrate some amazing women in my life. I am so lucky to have these three women in my life every single day. My roommates constantly uplift and encourage one another and I am so proud to know women like them. I have no idea what I would do without their presence every single day. 

Lexi Petri

[email protected]

The women in my life who I admire would be my mom, Dana, and my sister Danielle. They are two of the biggest influences in my life and they have helped me grow up to the person I am today. They both have supported me and encouraged me through playing sports in high school, choosing a college, and my plan for after I graduate.

I could not be more thankful to be able to have my mom and my sister in my life. Although I don’t have portraits, I would like to mention two of my managers, Lisa and Tracy, that I work with for a different job because I have always looked up to them since I have started working for them and they have helped me so much between balancing my jobs and school.

Megan Moen

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When thinking about women’s history month, I reflect on all of the role models I have in my life that empower me every day. There are too many women I look up to, that I couldn’t possibly fit all of them into this photo spread. But among those I have included, each of them continue to inspire me every day.

All of my friends pictured have been with me through thick and thin. Each of them inspires me in their own unique ways, and I feel incredibly lucky to have such amazing, empowering people in my life. I also want to recognize the women in my family who help me grow every day.

I am so lucky to have such wonderful aunts and cousins who motivate me as a woman, but my mother and my grandmother are the two most important women in my life. I have and will always look up to them, and I hope to one day be a as good of a role model as them.