SCRIBBLE Photospread: super fun and definitely not stressful at all spring break

Megan Moen

[email protected]

Wow! This second spring break was so eventful! I loved having the two most irrelevant days out of the week off. I feel like I did a lot of fun stuff during this pause. For one, I had a blast moving my friend Paige out of the dorm rooms! Helping her move those heavy boxes down two flights of stairs was so fun, I honestly couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend a break.

Paige Fahrni, Freshman

I have to say, there’s nothing more refreshing than sleeping in for two days and then being pleasantly awoken by my alarms again to start school in the middle of the week! I was truly looking forward to that warm and welcoming wake-up call, reminding me that my spring pause was over!

Sherri Wood, Freshman

Lauren Rock

[email protected]

I luckily enough did not have a spring break this week! I have a pre-term class over spring break, so I took a test and had a 10 page paper due. I also was able to deep clean our apartment with the help of my friend Jade, which was also a lot of fun.

Zach Robbins

[email protected]

This past spring break was a complete whirlwind of excitement and my dreams coming true.

I hope this new spring break style is instituted for years to come. Who needs the Florida beaches or the Arizona warmth when you can have the smell of bleach filling your apartment while snow is falling outside on the second day of spring.

March has always been my favorite month of the year, but this new March variant with shorter spring breaks and weather that allows me to get my ski coat back out (again) has all the glamour of a night at the ball.

For real though, I’m tired of the snow.

Lexi Petri

[email protected]

For this spring break, I had a lot of fun! I got to do some of my favorite tasks such as homework and chores. I was able to manage my time well and be able to complete my assignments, wash the dishes thoroughly, and water all the plants in the house.

I hope next year during spring break I will have as much fun as I did these two days. If you ever need a recommendation on what to do over break, completing chores is the best way to have a good time. And don’t forget to stay ahead in school by doing homework during your days off too!