Q&A: saying ‘see you later’ to reporter Autumn Hyatt

Luci Schwarz

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         Autumn Hyatt is a senior majoring in English literature, who will be graduating from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) this winter. She has worked at The Scribe since August 2019. As she has worked through several issues of our student newspaper, she has elected to share insight about her time working for the university in hopes of inspiring future and present reporters. 

What was your favorite part about working at The Scribe? 

     I feel so grateful for the opportunity I had to work for The Scribe! I learned about writing for a news media outlet, and my writing skills greatly improved. Additionally, I really appreciate the feedback I got from writers and editors. 

What was your favorite category to write in? Did you learn anything interesting? 

     I loved writing in Health and Recreation! My favorite articles to write were ones that shared insights about mental health. Awareness about mental health disorders and illnesses is so important. Not only did I learn a lot while researching for these articles, but I know I also was able to help a lot of people better understand what their friends, family members or even themselves are going through, and that makes me happy. 

What advice would you give for new and/or future hires? 

     Don’t wait until the last minute to reach out to contacts! Also, write about things that you are interested in. If the topic is something you already want to learn more about, or something you feel passionate about, writing the articles will be more fun and you will have an easier time meeting deadlines. Also, remember to reach out to editors when you need help or have a question. That’s what they are there for! 

What are some highlights of your time here at The Scribe? 

     Unfortunately, I did not get to become close with many people who worked for The Scribe, because I worked during most of [The Scribe’s] weekly meetings at another job and, therefore, was unable to make as many connections as I would have liked. Because of that, I would say that the highlights of my time at The Scribe were when I received positive feedback from others who read my articles. It was really awesome to hear from others when they related to what I had to say or when they learned something from my articles. 

Do you think that we as a campus need The Scribe? 

     The Scribe does matter! It allows student voices to be heard and also allows students who want to pursue careers in writing, photography, editing and more to gain experience in these categories before graduating from college. 

Autumn Hyatt.