Registration opens for Spring 2022 classes

Tom Baker 

[email protected] 

     Since Oct. 18, students have been able to add classes to their Spring 2022 shopping carts and this week, they can begin registering. Shopping for classes in advance saves students time when they go to officially register. 

     According to an email sent by the Office of the Registrar, “your enrollment date and time is based upon your academic level and status as a student at UCCS.” Registration begins Oct. 25 for some students; however, each student’s specific registration time and date have been sent via email and can be accessed on their student portal.  

     The staggered registration ensures that students closer to graduation can take the classes necessary for their degree. 

     However, if a student has a hold on their account as a result of outstanding to do items, this may restrict them from registering for courses.  

     While placing classes in one’s shopping cart does not complete registration for classes, it allows the student more time to search for courses, and it expedites the process once the student’s assigned registration time happens. 

     Students are encouraged to consult with their academic adviser to make sure they sign up for the correct classes and meet all the requirements for their degree.  

     UCCS department websites also offer degree information specific to majors if students want a list of available classes.  

     Another resource available for students is the degree audit on the student portal. The audit allows students to see the classes they are missing for their specific degree. Advisers can help guide students through this process if they are unsure how to process their degree audit. 

     Depending on the semester, some professors may not offer specific courses, so if there is a course whose status the student is unsure about, it is also recommended to reach out to the professor that teaches that course option.  

     Students can view courses and place classes in their shopping carts through the UCCS portal. Once inside the portal, click “Records and Registration,” and then “Register for Classes.” Students must verify their contact information before accepting the UCCS Tuition and Fees agreement.  

     Once that is completed, students may begin searching for classes and planning for next semester. 

     For any additional information related to degree audits or class registration, please reach out to UCCS Academic Advising at (719) 255-3260 or by emailing [email protected]. Starfish can also be utilized to set up a meeting with an academic adviser. More information can be found here.