SGA Senate passes more funding requests, member committee recommendations

March 13, 2018

Hannah Harvey

[email protected]

March 1

    Four recommendations from the Budget Advisory Committee and one Member Committee Appointment recommendation passed during the March 1 Senate meeting.

    Nicolas Nava, a junior mechanical engineering major, was appointed as the Senator of Engineering. The vote passed through unanimous consent (12-0).

    Four BAC recommendations concerning funding for Army ROTC, women’s club volleyball, Young Life College and Ping Pong Club also passed.

    The Army ROTC funding proposal, which includes $2,000 for travel expenses, passed with unanimous consent.

    Women’s club volleyball’s funding request of $1,067.38 passed by unanimous consent.

    A funding request of $2,000 for travel for Young Life College passed by a majority of 10-2.

    Ping Pong Club’s funding request of $2,218 for sport expenses passed by a majority of 10-2 as well.

    In sum, a total of $7,285.38 for BAC funding recommendations passed at the March 1 meeting.


March 8

    The Senate voted on a new speaker pro tempore at the March 8 Senate meeting.

    Sole Anglada, former speaker pro tempore, resigned the position. Breana Arnold, senator-at-large, has served as speaker pro tempore in her absence.

    Senators voted on whether Grant Nelson, senator-at-large, and Stephen Holmes, senator of LAS, would assume the position. Holmes was at first voted in by a 6-5 majority.

    However, the Senate held a revote between Nelson and Holmes. The vote resulted in a 6-6 tie.

    One Appointments Advisory Committee recommendation also passed. Aspen Serfoss was appointed to a justice position by an 11-1 vote.

    One BAC recommendation also passed. Travel expenses amounting to $2,000 for the Geography and Environmental Sciences Club passed with 11 senators voting yes and one senator recusing their vote.