Spooky Podcasts to Watch Out for This October

25 September 2018

Zachary Engelman

[email protected]

    Leaves fall, the days get darker, the wind picks up and carries a whisper of reassurance that winter is approaching. As we creep forward into the Halloween season, many people start to crave darker entertainment.

    There can be something vulnerable about audio exclusive content. This is probably because it is is almost always consumed alone. It’s just you and the voices in your ears. It’s no wonder podcasts are one form of media where horror stories thrive.

    So, in honor of the season, here is a list of frightening podcasts that will get you in the holiday spirit.

‘The NoSleep Podcast’

    This quintessential, award-winning podcast of chilling tales is hosted by David Cummings, whose dark, ominous vocal tenor leads us to the precipice of fear.

    After debuting in June 2011, the show grew in popularity by word of mouth, because of it’s consistent high rating on podcast platforms. The show performs stories in a radio show format, so expect to hear spooky sound effects, bone chilling voice acting and smart writing. Many of the authors have gone on the publish their own stories.

    Listen to this podcast on iTunes , Google Play Music and Spotify.


    Aaron Mahnke is a legend in the world of podcasts, his eerie voice is the perfect guide through the horror genre. His flagship podcast, ‘Lore’, is an award-winning dive into mysterious stories of the past. The podcast examines the history and facts behind some of the world’s most unearthly tales.

    Here, Mahnke thrives. He is an expert of taking his in-depth research and presenting it in a riveting format to the listener and knows how to keep us on the edge of our seats. His show’s success has gone well beyond the audio format, even becoming a best-selling  book series and an Amazon original series.

    If you like this podcast, be sure to check out ‘Lore’’s spinoff podcast, ‘The Cabinet of Curiosities’. This show explores shorter stories of strange events in history with episodes released twice a week. Each episode is full of twists and turns and always contains a spooky surprise.

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‘The Control Group’

    ‘The Control Group’ is an episodic podcast from HowStuffWorks and is written and directed by Bret Wood. The show centers around a strange (fictional) mental hospital where doctors push experimental treatments to horrific extremes.

    Directly inspired by historical events, ‘The Control Group’ exposes the audience to a wide array of horrific ethical decisions made in America’s past. Expert voice acting performances take this show over the edge. This podcast is not for the weak at heart and should only be tackled by those who do not spook easily.

    Catch this podcast on iTunes , Google Play Music and Spotify if you dare.

‘Welcome to Nightvale’

    ‘Welcome to Nightvale’ is a comedy podcast, but it still has plenty of the Halloween flavor. ‘Nightvale’ episodically tells fictional stories of the titular small city somewhere in the American desert that is nothing short of demented. From tiny worlds full of tiny people that live under a lane in the bowling alley, to an interdimensional demon infested dog park, the tales of Nightvale will get weird.

    ‘Nightvale’ does regular tours around the world and has spawned an impressive best-selling  book.

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‘The Last Podcast on The Left’

    ‘The Last Podcast on The Left’ is a cornerstone in the podcast world. Creators Henry Zebrowski, Ben Kissel and Marcus Parks have concocted a masterpiece. They manage to fuse the darkest stories with thorough research and side-splitting comedy into this brilliant show.

    The hosts lead us on a journey through government conspiracies, alien encounters, militant death cults, deranged serial killers, infamous hauntings and so much more, all with a bit of humor aid in the digestion of this macabre show.  

    ‘Last Podcast on The Left’ is a must-listen for anyone fascinated with the darkest humanity has to offer.

    Dive deep into the hours of content available in this fascinating podcast on iTunes, Google Play Music and Spotify.