The 2022 Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, explained

     It happens every few years or so that the universe says, “Hey, you know what I haven’t done in a while? Brought Jupiter and Neptune together in the constellation Pisces.” Well guess what? On April 12, the universe brought Jupiter and Neptune together for a once-in-a lifetime conjunction in the oh-so dreamy water sign Pisces. 

     Technically, the alignment of these two cosmic juggernauts will last until April 16, but that doesn’t make this transit any less meaningful. Why? Because Jupiter and Neptune haven’t both been in Pisces since 1856 and won’t again meet until 2188! 

     Astrological Jupiter is the planet of optimism, expansion and luck. The gas giant’s pro-growth energy helps us to broaden our minds (via religious or travel experiences and higher education) and encourages us to take bigger risks. Jupiter also attracts to us the people and the opportunities that can help us make headway in our lives and manifest major abundance.       

     Whereas Jupiter focuses on making things bigger and better, Neptune wants things to be a lot dreamier. Neptune is basically the Professor Trelawney of astrology: It’s got that big seer energy. Which is why it’s associated with dreams, illusions, spirituality and intuition.  

     When Jupiter and Neptune form a conjunction (meaning they’re in the same degree of the same sign), lots of incredible things can come about, both on the micro and the macro levels.  

     Dreams are Neptune’s and Pisces’ thing; the planet and the sign are all about letting yourself get swept away in fantasies, preferably ones that promise an escape from the real world. And Jupiter in Pisces has a larger-than-life energy that, when combined with Neptune’s dream-loving vibe, can magnify the desire and need for an escape. 

     The conjunction also gives us an opportunity to change how we manifest our goals and make our dreams a reality. So, if you’ve been secretly wishing to chase your wildest dreams — whatever they may be — the 2022 Jupiter conjunct Neptune transit is giving you the green light to do so.  

     But that’s not all.        

     As this article from Bustle says, the conjunction, “has the potential to strengthen our sense of spirituality, heighten our intuition, and encourage us to explore our subconscious minds more deeply.” The April 12 alignment of these two outer planets will thus have us wanting to learn more about spirituality, mysticism and metaphysics. Yoga, meditation and prayer are obvious choices, but picking up a book on the chakras, or binging a New Age documentary on Netflix could also satisfy your yearning for inner knowledge.   

     2022 Jupiter conjunct Neptune could also have you feeling creative and compassionate AF. The two planets and the mutable water sign all have an affinity for the arts — especially writing, music and theater. What’s more, Jupiter, Neptune and Pisces are all also inclined to inspire empathy and healing via the arts.  

     Basically, we’ll be drawn towards any type of arty activity that allows us to freely and fluidly express our innermost feelings. (After all, Pisces is a water sign, and water is the astrological element of the emotions.) So, don’t withhold your emotions these next few days. Instead, channel them into a grand work of art, writing or music project! 

    So … yeah. Jupiter conjunct Neptune is a huge deal in a lot of different ways, but to really know how this super rare transit will affect you, find 23° Pisces in your birth chart.