UCCS radio relaunching and partnering with subScribe Newscast

Jade Ellis 

[email protected] 

 Picture this: you are walking through the UC and hear a faint song playing in the background of your busy day. You may think to yourself, “Wow, this song is incredible. Where can I hear more music like this?” That music playing is thanks to the UCCS Radio.  

     The station manager of UCCS Radio is Alyssa Premovich, a third year UCCS student studying psychology with minors in gerontology and pre-med.  

     The UCCS Radio plays a variety of music genres and their DJs cover many different topics. Premovich said, “We pride ourselves on being the voice of the mountain lions, meaning our content is really dictated by our volunteer student DJs. We have many variety music shows, specialty music and talk shows and most recently, the subScribe Newscast!”  

     Recently, UCCS Radio has been working to rebrand the organization. “The Radio is going through a full relaunch, which will go fully public next semester. We have a brand-new team and are working on revamping all of our merchandise with a brand-new logo,” Premovich said.  

     The UCCS Radio was started in 2003 by a group of students functioning as a club. Two years later, the Radio became an official organization through the UCCS College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. The Radio has gone through many changes between those years and continues to renovate their shows.  

     Premovich works together with a board made up of Jessica Sauerwein as the director of external affairs and Louis Santos as the sound engineer. “We have communications faculty member Majid Arjomandi (MJ) as our faculty advisor for UCCS Radio,” according to Premovich.  

     The Radio has most recently partnered with the Scribe to create the subScribe Newscast. Premovich expressed excitement about this collaboration, stating, “I am so excited to be working on this partnership with Scribe and truly think they will add so much to the UCCS Radio programming.   

     “The first show that aired Monday, April 12, was incredible and just made me even more excited to continue working with Scribe and all of their people interested in Radio.”  

     The Radio will also be receiving a large donation of CDs given by Jeff Bieri from KRCC with Colorado College. “We will be digitizing the CDs and using them in our digital music library for all of our music shows,” Premovich said.  

     The Radio will continue to be on-campus and promote more events as campus slowly opens back up. Premovich said, “Keep a lookout for our booth and come say ‘Hi!’”  

     Premovich is also encouraging students to pay attention to upcoming content. “We are also working on some partnerships with local concert venues and bands, so there will be a lot to look forward to with that.”  

     Premovich said anyone interested in the Radio should tune into the show. “You can listen in to UCCS radio at radio.uccs.edu. This is also where we will be posting some updates,” she said. “You will also be able to find the schedule of all of our shows and descriptions of what they are!”   

     If you are interested in getting involved with the UCCS Radio or would like more information, visit radio.uccs.edu. Specifically, check out their “About” page for more details and updates.  

Graphic created by Jack Lusk