We Scribble Sorry for lack of articles

DevON MarTIneeZ 

[email protected]  

     The Scribble has been silent recently, and we would like to explain why.  

     2021 is an important year and we understand that the hardworking investigative reporting that the Scribble provides is important to its fans. We understand that the lack of articles and overall content might be disappointing for a lot of our viewers, but we can assure you that there will be more.  

     The reason for the lack of articles has to do with a labor battle occurring between the writing and editorial staff against the school. The battle is over wages. We are asking for more, and the greedy little snobs at the top are not giving in. They are taking most of the wealth that we the workers produce.  

     So, in defiance, the writing staff has decided not to write. This has helped us in our negotiations, and now that it looks like we are in the clear — the Scribble will produce as many articles as possible.  

     The only thing that could stop us, is if they decided to hire a bunch of scabs to do our work for us. But everyone knows that scabs are never the same as the workers they replace.  

     Journalism is dying. It is up to the Scribble journalists to ensure that it not only survives but it thrives. Who else is going to cover the armadillo race? Or Chancellor Ready’s hidden Twitch account? Who else will place their lives on the line to cover these important stories?  

     We will stop at nothing to write every story we can.  


We saw article in folder. Never released. We decide to release it. This year been tough year. Staff on strike. Demand pay raise. We called scabs. We work during strike. Old employees gone. I apart of new staff. Will write for them.  

More journalism to come. Race of Armadillios article lit. Be out soon. Fast. This week. And twitch account by Ready too. That article makes truth of the facts behind the truth. The truth is in the fact and that is the truth. Learned this in one journalism lesson for scabs. We interview. Find quotes. Take quotes. Write quotes. Story done.  

Quote from new editor: “I am so happy to be new editor. Student journalism good for school. Despite not being student. We will work to help other student learn the importance of school and the things that happen at school.” 

We excited to release old articles. Fix they gramma. Fix their sppelllingg. New articles this week. We hope the best. Sending love to the UCCS students.  

Please read scab articles. Scab articles better than staff articles. Listen don’t to union. They lie. Don’t trust them. They lie. We write best.  


DevON MarTIneeZ