Your 2021 Aries Full Moon horoscope

Cosmic Cannibal  

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     There are days when you want to say ‘to hell with it all’ and let your heart lead the way — no matter the consequences or costs. Well Wednesday, Oct. 20 is one of those days. A Full Moon took place in fire sign Aries at 8:57 a.m. 

     Full Moons are days when projects finish, plans are finalized and your feelings about a person or intention become more obvious. Since this Full Moon takes place in Aries, a sign known for its excitability and impulsivity, you might find yourself rushing to get things done, forcing the finalization of a project or decision and/or feeling impatient with just about everyone.  

     Called the Hunter’s Moon, this Full Moon is urging you to go out into the wild and hunt your passions.  

     The trine between Mars, the bringer of action, and Jupiter, the bringer of luck, puts an extra pep in your step; the square between Mars and Pluto, the planet of transformation, has you questioning how badly you want what you want. Should you keep fighting or let it all go? Mercury is direct, but still in its shadow phase, so answers, decisions and actions will be delayed a few days.  

     With this Full Moon, there’s a tug of war between two paths, created by the Aries Moon and the Libra Sun: Do you go the direct route to your desires or do you diverge and delegate? Aries energy makes you put yourself first and act on your passions, but you’ll also feel more emotionally raw, like all your feelings are on full display.  

     Now, for a more accurate picture of how the Aries Full Moon will impact you, you have to look at where both the Moon and the Sun are in the sky. I’ve conveniently noted the astrological Houses these two luminaries are activating on Wednesday.  

     So, without further ado, your 2021 Aries Full Moon horoscope:   

Aries ♈ 

Houses activated: 1st / 7th 

     Ambition and aggression are aroused, but your ego is challenged by those who hold power over you (parents, boss or spouse). Before you throw an epic temper tantrum, ask yourself: Have I willingly relinquished control over my own life? If so, then today’s the day to be your own champion…  

Taurus ♉ 

Houses activated: 12th / 6th 

     Retreat from the ruckus and retire to your safe space. There, you can disengage without feeling pressured to be productive or efficient. After all, it’s exhausting having to be the one who’s always fixing things. Just tie up those loose ends before you hide out or they might trip you…  

Gemini ♊ 

Houses activated: 11th / 5th 

     Goals take center stage, so get curious about your motivations for pursuing those cherished hopes, wishes and dreams. Are you doing it all for money, recognition or something more soul satisfying? A mentor could offer pearls of wisdom that energize or leave you in conflict. Avoid acting on blind impulse… 

Cancer ♋ 

Houses activated: 10th / 4th 

     Conjure some courage. A public squabble with your boss, spouse, professor or parent about your ambitions tests you. It’s uncomfortable being put on the spot, but you have to stand your ground — especially when it comes to your path. Let this tense exchange act as a reminder that you are tenacious AF…  

Leo ♌ 

Houses activated: 9th / 3rd 

     Life calls you to run away from all that is familiar. There’s an unignorable urge to explore new worlds. Though not as foolhardy as a legit overseas trip, try journeying to another time/place via the mind (reading, writing, video games, etc.); it’s a better use of that adventurous energy…   

Virgo ♍ 

Houses activated: 8th / 2nd 

     Virtually every emotion felt today will be 10 times more intense than usual and could lead to a heated confrontation with your partner or mom. Loans, scholarships and your so-called inheritance are the crux of the matter. You could also find yourself lusting after something (or someone) that isn’t yours…  

Libra ♎ 

Houses activated: 7th / 1st 

     Like Aries, there’s a power imbalance that needs to be amended. It might feel like you’re in an emotional boxing match with your partner or teammate(s). Whose needs matter most, theirs or yours? Unfortunately, you’re lacking the detachment needed to answer this question. Hold off from any rash decisions…  

Scorpio ♏ 

Houses activated: 6th / 12th 

     Stress is weighing on you. Igniting your day-to-day is a firestorm of to-dos: quizzes, reading, working. You may suddenly realize that you’re overworked, underslept and anxious as hell. Rather than have a meltdown, you should take a day or two to practice some self-care. Meditate, journal or do some art…  

Sagittarius ♐ 

Houses activated: 5th / 11th  

     Self-centeredness doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Then again, it may lead you to act without thinking: Your ego pushes you to separate yourself from the group. That devil-may-care impulsivity may be charming to you, but today it could incite unnecessary drama and initiate one or two power plays…  

Capricorn ♑ 

Houses activated: 4th / 10th 

     Conclusions are on the horizon! Home projects or moving plans come to an end, and this energizes the heck out of you. Still, you can’t help but feel a little nostalgic for the way things were. Rather than get butthurt about the past, you should focus on your promising future…  

Aquarius ♒ 

Houses activated: 3rd / 9th 

     An action-packed couple of days await you, my friend. The pace of your everyday quickens, bringing commotion and constant communication. You’re writing and typing and thinking nonstop. Good news: If you’ve been making plans for a long-distance trip, they could be finalized today. And honestly, you could use a break…  

Pisces ♓ 

Houses activated: 2nd / 8th 

     Priorities, what are yours? The area of your life related to money and possessions is of particular interest as of late: finances shared with spouse/parents/bank have been your prime concern, but this is to your detriment. Today could be the day you realize what you really stand for…