2021 Mercury in Libra is amazing for these signs

Cosmic Cannibal 

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     On Monday, Aug. 30, Mercury, the planet of communication and learning, enters fair-minded air sign Libra, where it stays until turning retrograde on Sept. 27. And oh, what a transit it will be.  

     Shifting out of the critical analysis of Virgo, Mercury in Libra gives more idealistic thoughts as well as more poetic words. During this transit, we compare and contrast the pros and cons of just about all that we encounter; this can make decision-making a challenge. Still, tact, charm and logic help balance out the indecision. 

     Mercury in Libra encourages us to socialize, but conversations feel more like light-hearted debates, and art — especially music and poetry — becomes an avenue for self-expression and helps us decompress.  

     Of course, every sign will feel the effects of 2021 Mercury in Libra in some way or another, but the following four signs will most enjoy the mental ease of the transit. 

1. Libra ♎ 

     Of course Mercury in Libra is going to be good for you, Libra. Sitting in your 1st House, this transit boosts your clarity of communication and puts all ears on you. You are the person everyone wants to talk to, and you’ve never been wittier or more charming. 

     For the next four or so weeks, you really feel like you can think clearly and express your thoughts the way you want. This is a good time to write essays, schedule an interview or network somewhere and schmooze the socks off potential bosses/clients. You’re the smooth-talking somebody they can’t ignore…  

2. Gemini ♊ 

     Mercury is your ruling planet, and Libra is a fellow air sign, so this transit is going to be good for you. In your 5th House of creativity, Mercury in Libra summons your muse and gently urges you to pick up your pen and paper and start writing. 

     If ever there was a time of year to write bad poetry, it’s now. You find inspiration everywhere! This transit also makes you more flirtatious, friendly and charismatic. Don’t be afraid to waltz up to your crush and start chatting. After all, witty banter is one of your greatest soft skills…  

3. Sagittarius ♐ 

     Mercury is in your 11th House of friends and your social calendar is soon-to-be booked solid. This is music to your ears because you love partying, hanging out with new and familiar people and exchanging ideas back-and-forth until the sun goes down. Mercury in Libra brings all that and more. 

     On one of your (many) nights out on the town, you’re apt to mentally connect with a brand-new bevy of buds whose conversations help you rekindle inspiration for your (many) aspirations. It’s not a bad idea to join a club. There, you’ll meet the like-minded people of your dreams… 

4. Aries ♈ 

     You’re probably wondering why you’re not number one on this list. Well, Mercury in Libra is in your 7th House of partnerships, and it wants you to think more about your relationships with other people — specifically how you communicate with them. 

     If you have issues with your significant other or your work partners, this transit will help you peacefully and cordially discuss them. That means, no ruffled feathers for either side! Compromise is also favored during this time. In fact, you’re more inclined to agree with the opposing side of any argument and really listen to what people are saying…