Tips for soft, healthy skin this spring

Brianna Beassie 

[email protected] 

     As the weather warms up and the blossoms begin to open, spring offers a time for growth and renewal. However, the spring weather also means dry skin, oily scalps, and a billion other skin care inconveniences. With this knowledge, I have compiled a list of practices that I have been using for the last few months that have changed my life, and I hope they can benefit you as well. 

     Although I am a Colorado native, my skin does not always appreciate our shifting climate. I have always struggled with dry skin, eczema and keratosis pilaris (chicken skin). I also have a pale complexion, so when these conditions flare up in the spring and summer, the affected areas look pinker and bumpier than the rest of my skin.  


     When it comes to skincare, taking an additional five minutes in the morning and at night to wash your face is essential. After washing your face, I recommend using a facial cream system to eliminate dark circles, prevent lines and wrinkles and hydrate the skin.  

     One of my friends bought me a water gel moisturizer I have also been using religiously, which keeps my skin soft and moisturized all day. At night before bed, I also like to use a rose quartz facial roller to eliminate swelling and toxins while increasing circulation and blood flow in my face and neck. 

     For those of us who tend to get chapped lips when the weather gets drier, I recommend making your own lip scrub out of honey, vanilla and granulated sugar. Apply the mixture and scrub it across your lips once or twice a week. Using ChapStick regularly is a great way to ensure that your lips remain healthy all year long as well. 

     Hair and Scalp care: 

     A lot of great skin and hair care happens during our showers. In terms of hair care, I recommend finding a few brands that work for you and rotate daily. My hair can go from dry to oily within a day, especially if I use the same shampoo and conditioner repeatedly throughout the week. 

     The next haircare tip I have is to are focus your shampoo usage on your scalp, and primarily applying conditioner on the ends of your hair. Because our scalps usually generate a lot of oil themselves while our ends tend to dry out, it is important to use the products in the areas where they will most benefit your hair.   

     A new routine I have developed for my skin in the shower is to begin with a silicone body and hairbrush. They don’t contain as much bacteria as a traditional loofa and they massage your scalp and skin to increase circulation and relieve muscle aches.  

     Next, I like to exfoliate my skin with a body scrub to remove all the dead, dry skin and unclog any problematic hair follicles. Finally, I use a moisturizing body wash to ensure that the newly revealed soft skin maintains its healthy appearance and feeling. 


     Onto the topic of shaving… my first important tip here is for the ladies out there: You need to use men’s razors as they usually have four or five blades for a closer shave and are usually not as cheaply made as the ones marketed toward women. Plus, they are usually less expensive.  

     Next, be aware that most shaving creams will dry out your skin. Shave with a body wash or baby oil instead. 


     A great deodorant is also necessary after a shower or at the start of your day. Try to make sure that whatever brand you use is both a deodorant and an anti-perspirant. Ensuring you have a deodorant that has both functions will help reduce how much you sweat and how much you smell at the end of a long day.  

Hands and Feet: 

     Lastly, let’s talk about hands and feet, which are often neglected in the conversation surrounding skin care. Always remember to apply a good moisturizing hand lotion at least once a day if possible, and if you have cracked skin and cuticles, I suggest also rubbing coconut or almond oil into the affected areas to help heal and rejuvenate the damaged skin there.  

     For feet, I like to use chemical foot peels, although this should be done in moderation otherwise you could give yourself a chemical burn. These foot peels speed up the drying process of the skin, forcing the dying layers to separate from healthy skin so that they can be peeled off. 

     A stainless-steel callus remover is also great for sluffing off dead skin and those hard to remove calluses and bumps. A word of caution, though: the steel can be very sharp, and if you are not careful you can cut yourself. Make sure your hands are not too slippery when using the callus remover. 


     Most importantly, always remember to stay hydrated! Drink lots of water throughout your day to get and maintain healthy skin, because water literally helps flush toxins out of your system. 

     While these are not scientifically proven to work, these tips have dramatically changed my skin and I hope that they can help you too! Good luck and remember to take care of yourself and your skin.  

Non-endorsed products/brands I recommend:     

     Clean and Clear Facial Cleanser and Deep Cleaning Face Wash 

     No 7 Protect and Perfect Advanced System 

     Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Moisturizer 

     Neutrogena Makeup remover wipes 

     Quartz or jade facial rollers  

     DIY honey, vanilla, sugar lip scrub 

     Burt’s Bees Chapstick, Carmex, or the classic ChapStick brands 

     “Suave Keratin Infusion or Moroccan Infusion” 

     OGX Moroccan sea salt spray and argan oil spray  

     Tree Hut shea and sugar body scrub 

     Body wash: Dove, Caress, Soft Soap, Dial, Axe  

     Deodorant: Mitchum, Dove, Secret, or Axe  

     Bath and Body Works hand creams 

     Peroptimist foot peel