Your 2021 Taurus Season, Mercury in Taurus survival guide

Cosmic Cannibal 

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     It’s time to wave goodbye to the fiery restlessness of Aries season and decelerate; the sun is shifting into placid, purposeful earth sign Taurus.  

     Taurus season, which runs from about April 20 through May 20 — starting a little earlier this year on April 19 — is a season of patience, persistence and peace. At least that’s what other Taurus Season survival guides will tell you. Really, the season of the bull is about one thing: slowing down.  

     If you tuned into Cosmic Chronicles on the subScribe newscast, then you already know quite a bit about Taurus. Ruled by Venus, the planet of pleasure and security, Taurus is known for its heightened senses and appreciation for all things beautiful and comfortable. However, the fixed earth sign is also notoriously stubborn and slow-moving.  

     When the sun is in Taurus, we are no-longer interested in being competitive busy bees. Instead, the sun in Taurus compels us to chill out and enjoy all the comfortable and beautiful things in life.  

     If we can’t touch, see, taste, smell, hear and/or luxuriate in it during Taurus season, then it holds no interest for us. I’m not kidding. Taurus season limits the scope of our focus to things that satisfy our senses and helps us feel more relaxed.  

     Nature is a big draw during Taurus season (no surprise, since we’ve been confined to our bedrooms and computer screens for so long), and so are more creative, hands-on, sensory- stimulating activities like cooking, painting, eating, sewing, gardening, mud masks… Basically, anything that gets our hands dirty, our bellies full and our bodies and homes looking pretty. 

     Taurus season also calls us to be more persistent and routine-oriented, because having a set schedule and fixed goal to work toward makes us feel secure. Yes, we can gorge on brownies and sleep in until noon, but we’ll also need to be consistent about doing so.  

     Lots of horoscopes (including ones from yours truly) like to play up the lazy side of Taurus, because the earth sign can be extremely slow-moving and cautious. However, this sign and season also offers us the chance to gain momentum in our lives and goals.  

     Think of the animal that represents Taurus: The Bull. Bulls are pretty docile creatures, but when roused (by, say, a matador), they charge. This is a characteristic we can emulate during 2021 Taurus Season. A possible mantra: Once I get going, it’s impossible to stop me. 

     Also, along for the Taurus season ride is Mercury. The planet entered the fixed earth sign on April 19.  

     Mercury is the planet of the mind. It rules all forms of communication: thinking, speaking, learning, listening, writing, emailing, texting, Instagramming — you get the idea. Usually a fast-moving planet, named after the speedy Roman god, Mercury slows its roll when transiting Taurus (not literally, of course, because the pace of the planets never changes). This makes our thinking more deliberate and down-to-earth. 

     It’s no longer about direct, spontaneous thinking — all that Mercury in Aries energy has left us mentally overwhelmed. With Mercury in Taurus, we are more mindful and serene. We’re also better able to concentrate on one project at a time and we won’t stop until that project is finished. This is great, since most of us have tons of papers to write and tests to take.  

     Naturally, earth signs — Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn — will revel in this zodiac season, which helps boost their self-esteem and gets the creative juices flowing.  

     Water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces will also reap the benefits of Taurus season, as it helps them to slow down and evaluate their relationships. And you know what? Fire and air signs can enjoy the next few weeks too, because honestly, who doesn’t benefit from four weeks of rest and relaxation?