So much astrology is happening this weekend

     It’s nearing the end of the semester and let’s face it: We’re all burnt out. Well, not to worry. Astrology has your back with a few transits this weekend that promise to revive your mind, regenerate your love life and finances and also encourage some serious self-reflection. 

     On Friday April 29, mind-planet Mercury entered airy Gemini, where it will gleefully glide until it stations retrograde on May 10. At that point, the planet of communication will chug backwards through Gemini to re-enter matter-of-fact Taurus on May 22 before stationing direct in the earth sign on June 3. Mercury will then finally re-enter Gemini on June 22. 

     Mercury’s movements have a massive effect on your daily life. The planet rules the learning, speaking, writing, studying, travel, friendly contacts and contract portions of your day-to-day (including the aforementioned overly-generalized topic of communication). So, all those Mercury-affected areas of your life are about to flow smoothly before they get a bit bumpy, then slow, and then really sluggish.   

     Mercury rules Gemini, so while the planet moves through the air sign, our minds, thoughts, words and day-to-day life will be alert, active, sharp and buzzing. Expect to read more, write more, text more and learn more about nearly every topic under the sun. Just don’t expect to master, finish or finalize very much. Though we’re wittier and way more curious during Mercury in Gemini, our thoughts and moods are also very fickle, and we can change plans/viewpoints/priorities at the drop of a dime. 

     Of course, Mercury isn’t the only planet making moves this weekend.  

     Also on April 29, Pluto, the planet of transformation, regeneration, authority and power, stations retrograde in stoic Capricorn. Unlike other Pluto retrogrades, which often provoke uncomfortable paradigm shifts (Pluto does have a nasty reputation for being, well, kind of cruel with its lessons), the 2022 Pluto retrograde is actually one to look forward to.  

     This is mostly due to the planets aspecting Pluto at the moment it stations retro. Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are all making beneficial aspects to Pluto, which have an immensely positive and rewarding effect on the overall vibe of its retrograde cycle.  

     As points out, the trifecta of beneficial aspects from those three planets “means positive transformations are possible in your social and love life, finances, and your way of thinking.”  

     Mercury is trine Pluto, which deepens our research abilities and paves the way for transformative thinking and ideas these coming months. While Venus is sextile Pluto intensifies any pre-existing love relationships or friendships, and opens the door for a new partnership or social connection to walk in and change your life.  

     However, it’s the sextile aspect made by Jupiter in Pisces that has the most significant — and fortunate — effect on 2022 Pluto retrograde. Jupiter is the planet of generosity, growth and good luck. And the sextile aspect — which is formed when planets are 60 degrees apart — is one of the most harmonious astrological aspects; it brings ease and creates opportunities for growth.  

     According to Cafe Astrology, “With Jupiter forming a sextile to Pluto, we’re discovering our ambitions and motivations, and it’s an enjoyable, productive experience. It’s a time when we want to improve, grow, and bring something to the next level.” What we bring to the next level requires lots of self-reflection, which Pluto retrogrades gives in spades.  

     Which is reassuring news since Pluto will remain retrograde until October 2022. 

     Saturday, April 30 also marks the beginning of eclipse season with a solar eclipse in earth sign Taurus. This is another transit that, despite its reputation, promises to be more beneficial to us in the long run, due to the conjunction between Venus and Jupiter.  

     Plus, Mars in Pisces is harmoniously aspecting the solar eclipse, which should boost your energy levels and help you feel motivated to reflect on your current situation and how you want to move forward after eclipse season is over.  

     Way back in October 2021, we had a lunar eclipse in Taurus. If you want a rough idea of what to expect from this 2022 Taurus solar eclipse, check out your Taurus lunar eclipse horoscope. Above all else, don’t sweat the transits this weekend. You’ve got finals to worry about…