Favorite fall traditions at The Scribe

Scribe Staff  

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We asked the staff at The Scribe about their favorite fall traditions. Here’s what they said. 

Annika Schmidt: 

Hiking in the mountains where the aspens have turned yellow! 

Megan Moen: 

Watching scary movies and lighting fall-scented candles. 

Tom Baker: 

Halloween parties. 

Lexi Petri: 

Carving pumpkins with friends. 

Ellie Myers: 

I like going for walks in the evening and seeing the colors in the tree as the sun sets. 

Cambrea Schrank: 

Going to the pumpkin patch! (Or getting that first PSL for the season) 

Camille Liptak: 

Watching Halloween movies! 

Luci Schwarz: 

Going to see the leaves on the trees changing color in the mountains! 

Joshua Gravois: 

Fall festivals. 

Mike Foley: 

Wearing sweaters! 

Abby Aldinger: 

Carving pumpkins. 

Brianna Beassie – Weil: 

Going to haunted houses — specifically, Hellscream and the Haunted Mines. 

Caitlyn Dieckmann: 

Pumpkin carving. 

Jack Lusk: 

Roasting pumpkin seeds. 

Kate Marlett: 

My family and I always buy pumpkins to put on the front porch. They’re so cute! 

Taylor Burnfield: 

Going to see the Aspen trees change colors. 

Jade Ellis: 

Going to apple orchards and pumpkin patches. 

Kristen Brainard: 

Pumpkin patches.